Announcing the Availability of PHP 7 RC7 x86 (Experimental) on Azure Web App

2015년 11월 19일 목요일

The support for PHP7 is provided as an experimental feature, and is considered unsupported at a Platform level, as PHP7 is still currently in a release candidate state. This enables you to start testing PHP7 and provide feedback to both the PHP Community and the Azure Web Apps team.

Program Manager II, Azure App Service Team

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada leverage Azure for smooth election coverage

2015년 10월 22일 목요일

CBC/Radio-Canada decided to build a responsive app that would work across mobile and desktop devices and provide real time results in both English and French. To achieve the high performance, large scalability requirements and to provide a modern multi-channel application they needed a flexible and powerful cloud partner. Enter Azure.

Senior Program Manager, Azure App Service