Azure Event Hubs

Considering Azure Functions for a serverless data streaming scenario

2018년 11월 26일 월요일

We recently published a blog on a fraud detection solution delivered to a banking customer. The solution required complete processing of a streaming pipeline for telemetry data in real-time using a serverless architecture. This blog describes the evaluation process and the decision to use Microsoft Azure Functions.

Software Architect, Microsoft Azure

Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs Geo-disaster recovery preview released

2017년 10월 19일 목요일

The two long standing, well known and appreciated Azure Core Services (Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs) just released a preview of an upcoming generally available Geo-disaster recovery feature. With the help of this feature, no client needs to manage Geo-disaster recovery scenarios anymore via code, but can instead rely on the services doing the metadata synchronization between two independent namespaces. At this time, data replication is not yet supported and will be added at a later (post General Availability) point in time.

Program Manager