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With growing SAP landscapes, infrastructure challenges are compounded by constraints for power, cooling, and floor space within data centers and the continual corporate acquisitions introducing heterogeneous platforms. The result is that many organizations are looking to realize transformative cost savings to lower TCO with virtualized IT infrastructures that enable effective use of budget resources and help decrease operational costs while delivering on:

- Increased operational flexibility and efficiency
(proactive resource management)
- Minimized risk and enhanced IT service levels to
Business centric Services
- Optimize IT environments to reduce operational
costs and at the same time increase the
availability and effectiveness of IT operations by
linking IT and business
- Sustainability and Green IT
- Increase server utilization and reduce power
- Reducing TCO while increasing service levels

Unisys Disaster Recovery for SAP Environments includes real-time data replication and recovery, accelerated application and database server rebuilding, and DR workflow automation. These three components work in concert during an unplanned outage to bring your production environment back online using re-purposed hardware in significantly less time and cost than is possible with traditional methods - helping you achieve aggressive recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO).


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