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Microsoft Azure puts everything in one place. The Azure cloud storage scales up or down, it’s safe and puts your data at your fingertips. What’s more you only pay for what you use.
Greater flexibility and scalability to innovate, adapt, and save money
Over time, in-house servers become costly, time consuming to manage and inflexible. They can slow your business down and compromise security. Traditionally your IT team will probably be focused on keeping things running rather than being innovative - not ideal.
Microsoft Azure helps businesses stay agile, save money and better integrate apps and data. Limitless scalability means you can react faster to new opportunities. Extreme security keeps data locked-down but fingertip accessible. You control the environment so it stays 100% uniquely yours. It can be fully integrated with your existing or legacy IT and you only pay for what you use. That’s sound business sense, which helps progressive businesses overcome growing pains.

Talk to Sol-Tec about:
• Migration – ensuring best-practice cloud platform set-up and migration to transform your business
• Azure Support - Reduce burden on internal resources by leveraging our technical expertise to support your cloud infrastructure
• Data Storage Management – reduce costs and increase disaster recovery capability by leveraging cloud or hybrid data storage management
• G-Cloud solutions for public sector bodies

So your system goes down. How quickly can you get your business back up and running?
An estimated 70% of workloads are business critical, but creating, testing and managing data protection and disaster recovery infrastructure and plans can take time and add risk for IT departments.
We design and deploy dedicated business data protection and disaster recovery solutions based on leading Microsoft cloud technologies. They’re as simple or as advanced as your business requires.
Sol-Tec’s robust solutions keep your business critical data secure, compliant, and available onsite and in the cloud. So if the unforeseen happens your business can stay up and running.
Talk to Sol-Tec about:
• Disaster Recovery – bespoke recovery and testing infrastructure in locations that work for you, using recovery policies that you set – ‘Simple’.
• Data protection – reliably protecting your critical assets, wherever they are – ‘Secure’.
• Storage – simple data storage that scales as your business changes and remains accessible – ‘Safe’.

Azure RemoteApp enables you to deliver your Windows apps directly from the cloud. That means less cost and less hassle. You get all the advantages of Azure’s secure scalability and ‘pay-as-you-use’ pricing. There’s no need to rewrite apps: Azure RemoteApp works with what you have. It combines the Windows app experience and powerful Remote Desktop Services capabilities. The result? Your apps are delivered from the cloud as-is, quickly and simply. And you’re good to go.
Sol-Tec can help you incorporate RemoteApp into your Azure environment. And help you manage the solution. Get in touch to find out more.
Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute lets you extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud over a dedicated private connection facilitated by a connectivity provider. With ExpressRoute, you can establish connections to Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and CRM Online.

Sol-Tec have planned, guided, and deployed Azure ExpressRoute for many of our customers and we can help you design, implement and manage an ExpressRoute connection.


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