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Moving applications to the cloud can be scary—but it doesn't have to be. Insight takes away all your fears by leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. We offer everything from email and endpoint security to mobility management and compliance solutions:

•Hybrid Cloud: Combine the best of public and private clouds to securely manage and store data with speedy access for end users. Our hybrid approach lets you keep critical data and hardware under your control by utilizing a public cloud for non-sensitive operations and a private cloud for security—while seamlessly integrating both environments. We also help you determine if it makes sense to keep certain operations, storage, and hardware on premises. We optimize data management with the right tools for memory, storage, automation, orchestration, software-defined networking, and virtualization.

•Cloud Office Collaboration: By collaborating in the cloud, employees can communicate from anywhere, anytime on any device. We offer solutions from multi-platform Web conferencing and secure instant messaging to hosted customer relationship management. We also provide unified communications that allows employees to securely share files while gaining key collaboration features such as content management, electronic signatures, learning management, and productivity filtering.

•Cloud Mobility: We show you how the cloud meets today’s enterprise mobility demands by enabling you to do business wherever your employees and customers are—in the office, online, or out in the world. The cloud even takes you further with mobile device management, secure mobile email apps, file syncing and sharing, and secure user-access control

•Cloud Data Protection and Security: We offer user-access management on smartphones, tablets, and PCs to protect your assets no matter where your end users operate. We also keep you current with cloud security services that protect your email, data, and endpoints from the latest cyber threats while helping you save on management costs by centralizing security application and seat management. We also help you achieve compliance with HIPAA, PCI and other security standards.

All Insight Azure solutions feature multi-platform compatibility and 24/7 support. Contact us today to find out how we can migrate your business to the cloud, put the right software in your employees’ hands, improve your data protection—and then back your Azure solution with administration support from a team of IT experts.

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