AnItConsultant, LLC.

AnItConsultant, LLC.

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Application development requires stringent project management, methodologies, technical competence, and a business vision, built-in collaboration with the customer – at AnITConsultant, LLC, we bring those skills to all projects through a team of expert technical consultants. The end result is the delivery and deployment of an IT solution that leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and can be accessed on any device, optimized for mobile.

We are client-focused and design-oriented to ensure a great user experience and to increase user adoption. We also bring a proven track record in streamlining process and optimizing performance and capacity through use of Microsoft Azure. These combine to bring sharp economies to our clients.

The core services we offer are based on Microsoft Azure:

• Microsoft Azure Cloud Development – We have experience and expertise in delivering outstanding custom cloud applications that streamline workflow and collaboration within our customers’ businesses.
• Azure Mobile App Development – Our team of experts define, design, and deploy mobile apps.
• Website Hosting and Optimization – Using Azure, we improve the performance and user experience for website visitors and leverage applications that drive website traffic.
• Infrastructure Services – We help customers with capacity and storage planning and Azure provisioning.
• Business Intelligence – Our BI services helps customers manage data so that it becomes meaningful intelligence.

We are a responsive and agile development company that delivers on time and on budget, and we pride ourselves on the performance of the solutions we build. Let us apply our expertise to help resolve your IT challenges.


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