Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure

by Pivotal Software Inc.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure

Build and run Java microservices-based applications with Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure

Pivotal Cloud Foundry®, running on Microsoft® Azure™, helps enterprises execute their digital transformation strategies. Together, Pivotal and Microsoft provide a comprehensive continuous delivery platform that accelerates application development.

NEW – Deployment of PCF on Azure is simpler and highly automated: Operations Manager is now available for Azure customers.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry - Cloud Native Platform

  • Accelerates application development and reduces time to market
  • Enables streamlined operational excellence to rapidly respond to market demands
  • Proven solution for companies to deliver a software-led, digital transformation

FREE 90 day evaluation license.

A single instance of PCF will utilize 50+ cores. Contact Pivotal or your Azure representative if you are interested in conducting a proof of concept.

Key Features

  • First-class support for Spring Cloud & Spring Boot
  • Elastic container runtime
  • Attachable backing services
  • Structured deployment process
  • Polyglot language support
  • Integrated logging and monitoring
  • Zero downtime application updates
  • Platform security and visibility


You must have the following in order to use PCF on Azure:

  • Pay-as-you-go subscription on your Azure account.
  • Sufficiently high quota limits (Recommended: 100 cores) on your Azure account. Installing Pivotal Cloud Foundry® requires more than the default 20 cores.
    • Please see this link for instructions on requesting a core quota increase.
    • For more information on Azure subscription and service limits, quota, and constraints, please see here.
  • Pivotal Network Account: If you do not already have an account, create one. You will need the API token located in your profile.
    • Navigate to your name in the top right and select Edit Profile. The API token is located at the bottom of the page.
  • Install either the Azure CLI or Azure PowerShell on your machine, using the instructions here. Create an Azure Service Principal (TENANT-ID, CLIENT-ID, CLIENT-SECRET):
    • Use azure-sp-tool (to install run: npm install -g azure-sp-tool) to generate Azure Service Principal file
    • Instructions to use azure-sp-tool can be found here
    • The generated file will be asked for during installation.
Getting Started

Please follow the step-by-step directions here to deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry® on Microsoft Azure.

バージョン: 2.0.0