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Preview: Azure Functions Open API (Swagger) support
3月 30, 2017 – Support for editing and hosting Open API 2.0 (Swagger) metadata in Azure Functions is in preview.
Traffic Manager available only in the Azure portal from April 3
3月 30, 2017 – Starting April 3, 2017, the Azure Traffic Manager service will be available only in the Azure portal.
Azure DevTest Labs: Export lab VM usage data for reporting
3月 30, 2017 – DevTest Labs enables lab administrators to programmatically pull usage data as .csv files from labs into a secondary Azure storage account for reporting.


Lighting up network innovation
3月 23, 2017

Driving up network speed, reducing cost, saving power, expanding capacity, and automating management become crucial when you run one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures. Microsoft has…


今すぐサインアップして $200 の Azure クレジットを手に入れましょう


Visual Studio

サブスクライバーは 1 年ごとに最大 $1800 までの Azure サービスが利用できます。



BizSpark プログラムに参加して、Azure サービスを無料で利用しましょう