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Create a WordPress application by using Web Apps on Linux
3月 22, 2017 – WordPress for App Service on Linux, available in the Azure Marketplace, helps you quickly create a WordPress application on Web Apps (Linux).
General availability: Multiple IP addresses per network interface
3月 22, 2017 – Multiple IP addresses per network interface is generally available.
Public preview: Instant recovery of files from Azure Linux VM backups
3月 22, 2017 – Now, instantly restore files from Azure Linux VM backups with no additional cost or new infrastructure by using Azure Backup.


Ecosystem momentum positions Microsoft’s Project Olympus as de facto open compute standard
3月 8, 2017

Last November we introduced Microsoft’s Project Olympus – our next generation cloud hardware design and a new model for open source hardware development. Today, I’m excited to address the 2017 Open Compute Project (OCP) U.S. Summit to share how this first-of-its-kind open hardware development model has created a vibrant industry ecosystem for datacenter deployments across the globe in both cloud and enterprise.


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Visual Studio

サブスクライバーは 1 年ごとに最大 $1800 までの Azure サービスが利用できます。



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