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Welcome our newest family member – Data Box Disk

Last year at Ignite, I talked to you about the preview of Azure Data Box, a ruggedized, portable, and simple way to move large datasets into Azure. So far, the response has been phenomenal and…

Last year at Ignite, I talked to you about the preview of Azure Data Box, a ruggedized, portable, and simple way to move large datasets into Azure. So far, the response has been phenomenal. Customers have used Data Box to move petabytes of data into Azure.

While our customers and partners love Data Box, they told us that they also wanted a lower capacity, even easier-to-use option. They cited examples such as moving data from Remote/Office Branch Offices (ROBOs), which have smaller data sets and minimal on-site tech support. They said they needed an option for recurring, incremental transfers for ongoing backups and archives. And they said it needed to have the same traits as Data Box – namely fast, simple, and secure.

Got it. We hear the message loud and clear. So, I’m here today with our partners at Inspire 2018 to announce a new addition to the Data Box family: Azure Data Box Disk.


How it works

Data Box Disk leverages the same infrastructure and management experience as Azure Data Box. You can receive up to five 8TB disks, totaling 40TB per order. Data Box Disk is fast, utilizing SSD technology, and is shipped overnight, so you can complete a data transfer job in as little as one week.

The disks connect via USB or SATA, and simple commands such as robocopy or drag-and-drop can be used to move data. Quick and easy. Once returned to the Azure DC, your data is securely uploaded, and the disks are cryptographically erased. Data Box Disk uses AES 128-bit encryption, so your data is safe at every point in the process — just like Data Box.

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A cool success story

Our customers and partners constantly amaze me with the creative ways they use our products, and Data Box Disk is no exception. For example, it turns out that disks are a great form-factor for autonomous vehicle research: the small form factor of disks provide the right balance between capacity and portability to collect and transport test vehicle data into Azure.

One such customer is LG, which is using Data Box Disk at an autonomous vehicle test center in South Korea.

“We needed a way to transfer massive amounts of data for our autonomous vehicle projects, which are based all around the world. The solution needed to be portable, simple to use, cost-effective and, of course, very secure. The Azure Data Box Disk met all of those criteria. Overall it was a very good experience, beginning with Microsoft’s fast response to our business requirement and including its continuing engineering support along the way.” –
Hyoyuel (Andy) Kim, Senior Manager, Vehicle Component Company, LG Electronics

Sign up today for previews

Data Box Disk Preview is available in the EU and US, and we’re continuing to expand to other Azure regions in the coming months. The Preview is currently free; look for more information on pricing later this year.  Customers and CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Partners are invited to sign up for the Data Box Preview on the same portal as Data Box Preview, which is still available half price – now also in the EU and UK! ISV Partners, please sign up on our Partner Portal.

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Stop by and say hello!

If you’re at Inspire, please stop by our booth, we’d love to show you the Data Box family. If you can’t make it this year, please do check out the Azure site or contact your Microsoft rep for more info. Stay tuned, as we’ve got even more cool stuff coming out in the coming months!

Your feedback is important to us. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think about today’s update to the Azure Data Box Family and what we can do to keep improving our service!