SONiC: Global support and updates


Over the past few years, SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud), our open switch OS, has been in the fast lane. A diverse group of community partners have actively engaged with us to contribute and support the evolvement of the software.

Corporate Vice President, Azure Networking

Azure Stack の次回更新版 1811 で Extension Host をリリース


昨年の 8 月に、「Azure Stack 上でのセキュリティの強化と Extension Host とのネットワーク統合の簡素化 (英語)」というブログ記事で、Microsoft Azure Stack に加えられる新機能に関してお伝えしました。その中の 1 つである Extension Host は、セキュリティを強化し、ネットワーク統合を簡素化する機能です。Extension Host は、次の Azure Stack 更新プログラム 1811 で使用可能になる予定です。

Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack

Meet the Microsoft Azure IoT on Serverless Hackathon winners


When we started running the Azure IoT on Serverless Hackathon, we knew we were about to see a lot of cool solutions coming out of it. What we couldn’t anticipate was the high level of creativity shown on them, not just on a technological level, but especially on the problems these solutions were designed to solve.