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Premium Files で新しくなる Azure Files


今日は、Azure Premium Files プレビューの一般公開をご報告できることをうれしく思っています。Premium Files はパフォーマンスのレベルを次に進める新しいパフォーマンス レベルであり、クラウドでファイルを完全管理するサービスが提供され、開発者や IT 専門家の力となります。

Principal Program Manager, Azure Files

Migrating SAP applications to Azure: Introduction and our partnership with SAP


Just over 25 years ago, Bill Gates and Hasso Plattner met to form an alliance between Microsoft and SAP that has become one of our industry’s longest lasting alliances. At the time their conversation was focused on how Windows could be the leading operating system for SAP’s SAPGUI desktop client and when released a few years later, how Windows NT could be a server operating system of choice for running SAP R/3.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Global SAP Deployment Engineering