New Azure Machine Learning updates simplify and accelerate the ML lifecycle


With the exponential rise of data, we are undergoing a technology transformation, as organizations realize the need for insights driven decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies can help harness this data to drive real business outcomes across industries. Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning service are leading customers to the world of ubiquitous insights and enabling intelligent applications such as product recommendations in retail, load forecasting in energy production, image processing in healthcare to predictive maintenance in manufacturing and many more.

Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Microsoft container registry unaffected by the recent Docker Hub data exposure


Docker recently announced Docker Hub had a brief security exposure that enabled unauthorized access to a Docker Hub database, exposing 190k Hub accounts and their associated GitHub tokens for automated builds. While initial information led people to believe the hashes of the accounts could lead to image:tags being updated with vulnerabilities, including official and microsoft/ org images, this was not the case. Microsoft has confirmed that the official Microsoft images hosted in Docker Hub have not been compromised.

Program Manager, Azure Container Registry

Azure Databricks – VNet インジェクション、DevOps バージョン コントロール、および Delta の利用可能性


Azure Databricks は、高速かつ簡単でコラボレーションに対応した Apache® Spark™ ベースの分析プラットフォームを提供することで、ビジネスを推進するビッグ データと AI のソリューションを構築するプロセスを高速で簡単なものにします。すべてが業界最高の SLA によって裏付けられています。

Group Product Manager, Azure Data