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Embed Video Indexer insights in your website


Video Indexer embeddable widgets is a great way to start adding AI insights to your videos. Whether you want to add deep search ability to your published videos or let your users be more engaged with the video content on your website, you can easily achieve that by using the embeddable option at Video Indexer web application or by using Video Indexer API.

Front End Software Engineer, Media AI

Announcing Custom Speech Service (Preview) from Microsoft Cognitive Services


We are excited to announce the public preview release of the Custom Speech Service from Microsoft Cognitive Services. The Custom Speech Service (formerly the Custom Recognition Intelligent Service) lets you customize Microsoft’s speech-to-text engine. By uploading text and/or speech data to the Custom Speech Service that reflects your application and your users, you can create custom models …

Microsoft Educator Community harnesses Recommendations API to engage educators around the world


The Microsoft Educator Community website ( is a central hub for educators worldwide that allows educators everywhere to connect and collaborate, find training and lessons, and grow their professional careers with Microsoft products such as 0ffice 365. The site offers various content and activities for educators such as courses, resources, webinars, lesson plans, Skype …

Microsoft Cognitive Services Hack: Fake News Chrome Extension


At the recent HackPrinceton hackathon, a team of four students tackled the issue of fake news, by building a Chrome extension for Facebook. The extension, called “FiB”, takes signals from Microsoft Cognitive Services API’s to classify news posts as “Verified” or “Non-Verified”.   The student’s FiB app utilizes the following Microsoft …

Senior Program Manager, Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services September API Updates


Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of intelligence and knowledge APIs that enable developers to make their applications more intelligent, engaging and discoverable. Cognitive Services includes intelligent APIs that allow systems to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret needs using natural methods of communication; and knowledge APIs that bring the power of the web to developers. …

Senior Program Manager, Cognitive Services

Analyze Live Video in Near Real Time with Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs


Microsoft Cognitive Services Vision APIs put state-of-the art computer vision algorithms at developers' fingertips, with APIs for analyzing individual images, and for offline video processing. We want to showcase how you can use a combination of those APIs to create a solution that can perform near-real-time analysis of frames taken from a live video stream. You could, in theory, build an …

Senior Program Manager, Cognitive Services