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Microsoft の成功の基盤は、活気に満ちたパートナー エコシステムとの緊密な連携を通じて、常にお客様全体のニーズに対応してきたことにあります。クラウドの急速な成長に伴い、Microsoft ではパートナー エコシステムでもこの成長を確実なものにできるよう投資を行っています。

Corporate Vice President, Growth + Ecosystems

Maximize existing vision systems in quality assurance with Cognitive AI


Quality assurance matters to manufacturers. The reputation and bottom line of a company can be adversely affected if defective products are released. If a defect is not detected, and the flawed product is not removed early in the production process, the damage can run in the hundreds of dollars per unit.

Principal Manufacturing Industry Lead - Azure Industry Experiences Team