API Management

Automating quota management with Azure Quota REST API


Enterprises are increasingly defined by the applications they use and build to run their core business processes, including the customer experiences they provide. Across all sectors, we see how companies like challenger banks, online healthcare providers, e-commerce providers, and other startups are winning customers by providing new applications.

Senior Program Manager

サーバーレス API が企業のイノベーションを加速させる 3 つの方法


アーキテクチャが適切でないと、アプリケーション プログラミング インターフェイス (API) はアプリケーションだけでなく、ビジネス全体にとってもボトルネックになる可能性があります。ダウンタイム、パフォーマンスの低下、またはアプリケーションの複雑さの増大などのボトルネックによって、インフラストラクチャおよび組織のコストの増大と収益の低下が生じる可能性があります。

Program Manager

How to build globally distributed applications with Azure Cosmos DB and Pulumi


We live in amazing times when people and businesses at different continents can interact at the speed of light. Numerous industries and applications target users around the globe: e-commerce websites, multiplayer online games, connected IoT devices, collaborative work and leisure experience, and many more.

Product Manager and Architect, Azure Cosmos DB

New Azure Blueprint enables SWIFT CSP compliance on Azure


This morning at the SIBOS conference in London we announced our new Azure Blueprint for the SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) control framework. The new Azure Blueprint is being introduced by Microsoft in conjunction with the recent efforts to enable SWIFT connectivity in the cloud.

General Manager, Azure Global