Service Fabric

Use actors to talk to millions


You have hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of sensors in your stores, factories, pipelines. And something goes wrong. You need software that can make intelligent decisions in real time, perhaps coordinating hundreds of devices: stop the assembly line, reroute the flow.

Chief Strategist, Cloud + Enterprise

Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server now GA


I am excited to announce today that Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server will be generally available for download at no cost. With today’s announcement, customers can now provision Service Fabric clusters in their own data centers or other cloud providers and run production workloads with the option to purchase support for ultimate confidence.

Principal Program Manager, Hyper-scale Compute

絶大な効果を上げる手段は IaaS だけではない


現代のクラウドの世界は、IaaS 中心ではなくモダン アプリ中心の世界に変わっています。市場をリードする Azure PaaS サービスのポートフォリオを利用すれば、革新的なアプリケーションを短期間で開発、デプロイし、自動でスケーリングさせ、強力な Azure サービスの接続や組み込みを簡単に行うことができます。

Chief Strategist, Cloud + Enterprise

Containers: Docker, Windows and Trends


From the basics of what containers are and how they work, to the scenarios they’re being most widely used for today, to emerging trends supporting “containerization”, I thought I’d share my perspectives to better help you understand how to best embrace this important cloud computing development.

Chief Technology Officer and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure