Azure で Windows Server と SQL Server のワークロードでの比類のないセキュリティをお客様に提供


Allscripts、Chevron、J.B.Hunt、およびその他の数千社ものお客様が重要なワークロードを Azure に移行し、比類のないセキュリティを利用しています。多くの企業がクラウド セキュリティへの理解を深めることについて最初は心配しますが、詳細を調べた後では、Azure で設定できるセキュリティ体制は実装が容易であり、他の環境で提供できるものよりもはるかに包括的であると述べます。

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

Hardening the security of Azure IoT Edge


Azure IoT Edge which recently became generally available, designs in security from the ground up with avenues for custom security hardening. Security hardening entails additional security measures for given deployments in response to perceived higher threats like physical accessibility of devices by malicious actors.

Senior Program Manager, Azure IoT

Build secure Oozie workflows in Azure HDInsight with Enterprise Security Package


About HDInsight Azure HDInsight is Microsoft’s premium managed offering for running open source workloads on Azure. Today, we are excited to announce several new capabilities across a wide range of OSS frameworks. Azure HDInsight powers some of the top customer’s mission critical applications ranging in a wide variety of sectors including, manufacturing, retail education, nonprofit, government, healthcare, media, banking, telecommunication, insurance and many more industries ranging in use cases from ETL to Data Warehousing, from Machine Learning to IoT and many more.

Senior Program Manager, Azure Big Data

Azure Virtual Datacenter


Azure Virtual Datacenter (VDC) is an approach to making the most of the Azure cloud platform's capabilities while respecting your existing security and networking policies. When deploying enterprise workloads to the cloud, IT organizations and business units must balance governance with developer agility.

Partner Architect, Azure Engineering, Customer Advisory Team (CAT)