DockeCon 2016: エンタープライズ企業のコンテナー イノベーションを促進


マイクロソフトは、ここ 2 年にわたって、Windows および Linux エコシステム向けにコンテナーのイノベーションを急ピッチで進め、企業がアプリケーションをクラウドならではのスピード間と規模で構築、デプロイできるよう支援するコンテナー ソリューションをお届けしてきました。

Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Azure

Containers: Docker, Windows and Trends


From the basics of what containers are and how they work, to the scenarios they’re being most widely used for today, to emerging trends supporting “containerization”, I thought I’d share my perspectives to better help you understand how to best embrace this important cloud computing development.

Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Azure

ASR Now Supports NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure


This week at Ignite 2015 in Chicago, Microsoft and NetApp will showcase how customers can simplify disaster recovery for Hyper-V workloads without investing in a secondary datacenter. Together, we will demo how Azure Site Recovery can replicate and recover a SAN-based on-premises application to Azure compute with NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure.

Principal PM Manager, Azure Compute