Hybrid Cloud

Azure NetApp Files が一般公開されました


本日は、業界初のベア メタル クラウド ファイル ストレージ/データ管理サービスである Azure NetApp Files の一般公開を発表させていただきます。Azure NetApp Files は、データベース、SAP、高性能コンピューティング アプリケーションを含む、クラウドで最も負荷の高いエンタープライズ ファイル ワークロードを、コードを変更することなく移行して実行するための Azure ファースト パーティ サービスです。

Corporate Vice President, Azure Storage, Media, and Edge

One-click cloud migration and disaster recovery of applications


Disaster recovery is not only about replicating your virtual machines but also about end to end application recovery that is tested multiple times, error free, and stress free when disaster strikes, which are the Azure Site Recovery promises. If you have never seen your application run in Microsoft Azure, chances are that when a real disaster happens, the virtual machines may just boot, but your business may remain down. The importance and complexity involved in recovering applications was described in the previous blog of this series - Disaster recovery for applications, not just virtual machines using Azure Site Recovery. This blog covers how you can use the Azure Site Recovery construct of recovery plans to failover or migrate applications to Microsoft Azure in the most tested and deterministic way, using an example of recovering a real-world application to the public cloud.

Program Manager II, Cloud + Enterprise

Cloud migration and disaster recovery for applications, not just virtual machines


Azure Site Recovery is Microsoft's single disaster recovery offering for applications that works with multiple native application-level replication technologies and provides in-built replication. With features like single and multi-tier application consistency, near continuous replication, extensible recovery plans with rich automation support, and advanced network management, Azure Site Recovery does the complex job of stitching together the application assuring full application recovery, and not just virtual machine boot up. To top it all, Microsoft tests and certifies many popular first and third-party applications and provides detailed Azure Site Recovery solution guidance for them.

Principal Lead Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

Azure ハイブリッド特典と Azure Site Recovery によって Azure へのアプリケーションの移行のさらなるコスト効率化を実現


Azure ハイブリッド使用特典によってライセンス コストを削減し、Azure Site Recovery を使用してアプリケーションを簡単に移行することでメリットが得られます。

Senior Program Manager, Azure Site Recovery