Customer Story

How news platforms can improve uptake with Microsoft Azure’s Video AI service


As it turns out, Microsoft News has been working for years on some pretty advanced algorithms that analyze their articles and determine how to increase personalization, which ultimately increases consumption. However, when I asked them if there were any gaps, they were quick to answer that they would love more insights on their videos.

Data & Applied Scientist, Engineering

Johnson Controls tackles a $15b building industry problem with Azure Cosmos DB


Johnson Controls has been a pioneer in building management solutions and services since founder Warren Johnson invented the first electric room thermostat in 1885. Johnson Controls has introduced many innovations to the building industry over the years and are now tackling a problem that costs the building industry billions each year.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Azure Blockchain を通じて Nasdaq Financial Framework にデジタル台帳の相互運用性をもたらす


Nasdaq は、1971 年に大勢の個人投資家に向けて世界初の電子証券取引所を開設し、金融市場に革命を起こしました。以来、その革新の精神は資本市場におけるテクノロジ発展の最前線で脈々と受け継がれ、Nasdaq ブランドは大手テクノロジ プロバイダーへと変身を遂げています。

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

マイクロソフトと SWIFT、Azure でクラウド ネイティブな決済ソリューションを実現


金融サービス業界の世界的イベント「Sibos 2018」にて、Microsoft と SWIFT (国際銀行間金融通信協会) は、Microsoft Azure でホストされる SWIFT インフラストラクチャを使用した、クラウド ネイティブな決済処理システムの概念実証 (POC) を発表しました。

Principal Program Manager