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Azure Cost Management and Billing 2020 year in review


2020 wasn't the year we signed up for, but was chock full nonetheless. From optimized account and invoice management experiences to richer reporting within and outside the portal; new ways to facilitate chargeback and more flexible budget alerts to an overwhelming amount of new cost optimization opportunities. The year brought a lot and 2021 is looking exciting, with continued evolution across all fronts. Read on for a sneak peek at what's coming.

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Defining roles and responsibilities for cloud cost optimization


Today’s challenging economic climate has driven many IT organizations to launch cost optimization initiatives. If you’re participating in one such initiative, you’ve discovered that cloud cost management is a journey, with many factors to consider and steps to take to improve cloud spending behaviors.

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – November 2020


Get your budget emails in the language of your choice, enjoy a preview of new cost views optimized for resources and reservations, and take advantage of even more ways to save money! November is as action-packed as ever. And don't forget to check out new videos and documentation updates to help you be more successful than ever in driving financial health within your organization.

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – October 2020


Last month, we shared a lot of cost optimization tips and tricks. Continuing with that focus, October is all about helping you save money on Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS), database, or storage offerings. You'll also read about creating subscriptions via Azure Resource Manager deployment templates, be able to participate in a survey to streamline your experience when verifying your billed charges, and get a sneak peek at a few very early previews. Enjoy!

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – September 2020


While 2020 may be keeping you on your toes, September should help make your life a little bit easier with the general availability of AWS support in Azure Cost Management + Billing, allowing you to manage all your Azure and AWS costs in a single place; the preview of cost allocation, streamlining your internal chargeback process; and many, many new cost optimization tips and tricks, including a new retail, PAYG pricing API, new Advisor recommendations, and specific guidance for organizations using Azure SQL or Azure Backup. You won't want to miss this update!

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management と Billing の更新 – 2020 年 8 月


8 月はさまざまな「もっと」をお届けします。「もっと」きめ細かなデータ管理。予約購入の推奨事項についての「もっと」詳しい背景情報。推奨事項の修復の自動化による「もっと」大きなコスト削減効果。コストの削減に役立つ「もっと」多くの予約の種類。そしてもちろん、「もっと」多くのビデオやドキュメントの更新です。

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management と Billing の更新 - 2020 年 6 月


6 月の主なテーマは柔軟性でした。予算通知のカスタマイズの強化、コストに関する推奨事項の監視方法、Azure Government の自動化されたサブスクリプションの作成について取り上げました。もちろん、これらはほんの一例に過ぎません。新しい節約方法、新着ビデオ、定期的なドキュメントの更新も忘れずにご確認ください。

Program Manager, Azure Cost Management