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The importance of Azure Stack for DevOps


DevOps focuses on aligning culture, people, processes, and technology. It is sometimes thought that the technology part does not play a critical role in DevOps. This is wrong! Tools and technology help facilitate DevOps methodology and processes.

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

Azure compliance white paper-o-rama


To help our customers understand how to deploy in Azure while successfully interpreting US and international governance requirements, we produced a series of documents that can be leveraged during your cloud-adoption journey. The following white papers include guidance for US law enforcement, US education, UK G-cloud, and Cloud services in Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia.

Senior Director, Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Cloud in India


As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Microsoft Cloud in India, I wanted to share some examples of the great outcomes our customers have been able to achieve since moving to the cloud, as well as some of our continued efforts to make Microsoft Azure the platform of choice for customers in India.

Corporate Vice President, Azure Global, Microsoft Azure

クラウド ベースのサービスへの移行


4 回シリーズの第 2 回目となる今回の記事では、IT 部門がサポートするサービスや環境のクラウド ベース サービスへの移行に影響する主な要因を、David Lef がネットワーク関連のベスト プラクティスやプロセスに重点を置いてご説明します。

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platform Marketing