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Azure Stack HCI の発表:Azure Stack ファミリの新メンバー


お客様が Azure Stack を使用して、クラウドの境界を越えてデジタル変革を導入および推進されていることを知り、非常に感激しています。Julia White は本日のブログ記事で、Azure Stack を使用し、Azure サービスを活用してオンプレミスを刷新しているお客様の例を紹介しています。

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

Azure Stack IaaS – part three


Remember back in the virtualization days when you had to pick a host for your virtual machine? Some of my business units could tell by the naming convention the make and manufacturer of the hardware. Using this knowledge, they’d fill up the better gear first, leaving the teams that didn’t know better with the oldest hosts.

Architect, Azure Stack

Azure Stack IaaS – part one


When we discuss Azure Stack with customers, they see the value in Azure Stack providing cloud-native capabilities to their datacenters. They see the opportunity to modernize their apps and address the unique solutions Azure Stack can deliver, but they often pause as they ponder where to begin.

Principal PM Manager, Azure Stack

The year in review: Hybrid applications for developers


As 2018 comes to an end, I look at the technology landscape. I look at the kinds of hybrid scenarios our customers are developing. For example, we see Airbus transforming aerospace with Microsoft Azure Stack and I realize that this year has been amazing for developers that design, develop, and maintain cloud-based apps.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Stack

Extension Host is coming to Azure Stack with the next update 1811


Back in August we informed you with a blog post title “Enhance security and simplify network integration with Extension Host on Azure Stack” about a new capability that is coming to Microsoft Azure Stack. This capability further enhances the security and simplifies network integration. Extension Host is going to be enabled by the next Azure Stack update 1811.

Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack