Azure IoT Suite

Manage and Auto-scale your IoT solution with a predictable IoT Cloud


Wouldn’t it be nice to have IoT Hub just automatically scale up to a higher capacity when a certain threshold of messages is met, before your chosen limit is reached? While at this point, IoT Hub does not have this capability built into the service, we have published a sample solution for monitoring and automatically scaling your IoT Hub based on reaching a specific threshold of messages.

Azure IoT Global Black Belt

Azure IoT Suite adds device management capability updates


While the most successful enterprise IoT solutions include a strategy for operators to handle ongoing management of device collection in a simple and reliable manner, it can be a hurdle for companies getting started with IoT. To help with that challenge, we recently introduced device management capabilities in Azure IoT Hub. Today, we’ve added these device management features to the Azure IoT Suite remote monitoring preconfigured solution.

Corporate Vice President, Azure IoT

Convergence EMEA 2 日目: アクションにつながる分析およびリアルタイム インテリジェンスによる変革の促進


マイクロソフトがヨーロッパで開催する全 3 日間のビジネス カンファレンス Convergence EMEA の 2 日目には、1 日目に引き続き、革新的な生産性ツールやビジネス アプリケーションを通じて企業の変革を可能にするというマイクロソフトのお約束を実現する新機能や新しいパートナーをご紹介しました。

Commercial Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft

Azure Stream Analytics and DocumentDB for your IoT application


As the Internet of Things emerges as a change agent in the enterprise, having the right tools is more important than ever. In addition to our recent launch of the Azure IoT Suite, Microsoft has enhanced integration between Azure Stream Analytics and Azure DocumentDB for even faster configuration—and increased time to market.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Stream Analytics