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Symantec、ダウンタイムなしで Azure Cosmos DB への移行を実現


数十億件の要求を低レイテンシ、ダウンタイムなしで処理しなければならないような主力製品には、ミッション クリティカルなデータがつきものです。では、そうしたライブ データを移行するにはどうすればよいのでしょうか。Symantec のコンシューマー ビジネス部門では、高コストで複雑なデータベースのインフラストラクチャを自社管理していますが、これを地理的に分散された低レイテンシの Azure のマネージド データベース ソリューションに移行すると決めたとき、まさにこの問題が立ちはだかりました。

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

A Cosmonaut’s guide to the latest Azure Cosmos DB announcements


At Microsoft Build 2019 we announced exciting new capabilities, including the introduction of real-time operational analytics using new native support for Apache Spark and a new Jupyter notebook experience for all Azure Cosmos DB APIs. We believe these capabilities help our customers easily build globally distributed apps at Cosmos scale.

Product Manager and Architect, Azure Cosmos DB

Connecting Global Azure Bootcampers with a cosmic chat app


Every year on the same day, the Global Azure Bootcamp brings together cloud enthusiasts who are eager to learn about Microsoft Azure. This year, the Bootcamp will be held on April 27, 2019 in more than 300 locations worldwide where local communities will welcome developers and IT professionals for a day of workshops, labs, and talks.

Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

How Skype modernized its backend infrastructure using Azure Cosmos DB – Part 2


Skype found the perfect fit in Azure Cosmos DB, the globally distributed NoSQL database service from Microsoft. It gave Skype everything needed for its new People Core Service (PCS), including turnkey global distribution and elastic scaling of throughput and storage, making it an ideal foundation for distributed apps like Skype that require extremely low latency at global scale.

Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

How Skype modernized its backend infrastructure using Azure Cosmos DB – Part 1


Founded in 2003, Skype has grown to become one of the world’s premier communication services, making it simple to share experiences with others wherever they are. Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2010, Skype has grown to more than four billion total users, more than 300 million monthly active users, and more than 40 million concurrent users.

Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB