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Project Nami: WordPress for Azure SQL Database/SQL Server

Wouldn’t it be great if WordPress worked against Azure SQL Database? Well, wait no more.

WordPress is hands down the most popular web application on the Internet. As a blogging and content management system, WordPress is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10-million websites on the Web and has more than 60-million websites in total.

Wouldn’t it be great if WordPress worked against Azure SQL Database? Well, wait no more.

Project Nami is an open source WordPress deployment built specifically for Azure SQL Database. Designed and optimized to run on Azure SQL Database, Project Nami incorporates the ease of WordPress with the performance and ease of management of Azure SQL Database V12. Building on the popular plug-in model, the Full Text Search plugin for Project Nami enables one to easily improve text searches and enable author searches for your WordPress site.

If your app needs even more performance for your Project Nami WordPress sites, consider the Blob Cache plugin. The Blob Cache plugin saves outputs from WordPress or Project Nami sites to Azure Blob Storage, providing a caching solution at an affordable price point.

The Azure SQL Database team has had the pleasure of working with Patrick Bates and Spencer Cameron-Morin, Founders of Project Nami. In Patrick’s own words:

The Azure platform is enabling a variety of new and exciting workloads in the cloud. We’re pleased to be a part of this as we continue to explore ways to leverage Microsoft technologies in PHP and WordPress environments. Unleashing the power of SQL Full Text Search for our users has been a goal from early on, and thanks to Azure SQL DB V12 we’ve made it happen. And when combining Web Apps with our Blob Cache system, even the smallest of sites and budgets can handle thousands of requests per minute with only a single Small server and a Basic DB.

From more information on Project Nami, visit projectnami.org or follow them on Twitter, @ProjectNami.

To get started with WordPress and Azure SQL Database on Azure, visit projectnami.org/download and click Deploy to Azure.