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Project Bletchley – Blockchain comes to Azure Marketplace

We are excited to expand support of Bletchley v1 into the Azure Marketplace and add many new partners to our growing ecosystem.

Only a couple weeks after our most recent update, I am pleased to be back to announce more great additions to our blockchain offering on Azure, in addition to new partner solutions.  We continue to expand on our blockchain infrastructural work to improve the services, tools, and best practices needed to design, build out, and manage complex consortium networks to develop new business applications.

This week we are excited to expand support of Bletchley v1 into the Azure Marketplace.  As you may recall, with the first phase of blockchain support on Azure, you can quickly and easily deploy a many-node consortium blockchain network.  With this release, you have all the same great functionality as with the original release in the Azure Quickstart templates, but with a more robust user experience directly integrated into the Azure portal.

Create Solution Template

Since we try to never release without new functionality, we have also added support for:

  1. Dozen Consortium Members: You can now deploy a blockchain network that has a dozen consortium members.
  2. Premium storage: To support low latency and high throughput applications, you can configure the nodes within the consortium network to leverage premium storage backed virtual machines.
  3. Password or SSH key: To secure the nodes within your network, you can now specify an SSH key instead of a password.

For more information about the solution, you can visit our detailed walkthrough.

In addition to our solutions, we continue to grow our blockchain ecosystem on Azure.  We are excited to welcome many new exciting partner blockchain solutions in the Azure Marketplace, including:

  1. Chain: As announced last week, you can now deploy Chain’s distributed ledger technology, Chain Core, on Azure.
  2. Ethereum Studio: You can quickly set up ether.camp’s Ethereum stack, a full stack developer sandbox to develop and test Ethereum solutions, on Azure.

Try out all the latest blockchain releases and let us know if you have any question, feedback, or additional requests.  We are excited to continue on this journey with you.