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Optimize your network infrastructure for Microsoft’s cloud

Optimize your network for performant access to the Microsoft cloud platforms and services.

Is your organization trying to get a handle on how to evolve your networking infrastructure for a cloud-based world? Just what are the new paradigms and skill sets you need to master to ensure current and future optimal access to your workloads running in Azure?


The new Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise Architects poster (https://aka.ms/cloudarchnetworking) helps IT decision makers and architects to:

  • Understand the fundamental change in networking infrastructure for the cloud and areas of future networking investments.
  • Optimize the common elements of your network for all Microsoft cloud platforms and services.
  • Understand the ExpressRoute service and how it connects your organization to Microsoft's cloud offerings.
  • Design your intranet and network edge for Azure-based PaaS applications and IT workloads running in Azure infrastructure services.
  • Design your Azure virtual networks to host virtual machines.

You can download this multi-page poster as a PDF or Visio file or view it in a new easy-to-browse format. You can also print the pages of this poster on tabloid format paper (also known as 11×17, ledger or A3).

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To see all of the resources for Microsoft cloud platforms and services, see Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Roadmap at https://aka.ms/cloudarchitecture.

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