Network Performance Monitor (NPM) – a cloud-based network monitoring solution for cloud-only, on-premises, and hybrid networking environments, is now generally available in the UK South region.

Customers in this region can now use various capabilities of NPM, such as:

  • Performance Monitor to monitor connectivity between various locations on the network, visualize the health of all paths on the network, and troubleshoot issues. The Network State Recorder feature allows for the debugging of transient network issues that may have occurred in the past.
  • ExpressRoute Monitor to monitor the availability of ExpressRoute circuits. The health of end to end connectivity, spanning on-premises locations, service provider network (ExpressRoute circuit), and one or more VNETs in Azure can be monitored. Recent additions enable monitoring of Microsoft peering, i.e., connectivity to Office 365, Dynamics, SharePoint, and other productivity services.
  • Service Connectivity Monitor to monitor network connectivity to web based (SaaS and internal line of business) applications and URIs from various locations. The Service Connectivity Monitor correlates application responsiveness with network performance and helps determine if the poor application experience is impacted by network issues.

Application or network problem

Chart of application response time and network latency. Significant variation in network latency (represented by the orange line) at noon, has resulted in an increase in application response time (purple line).


More information on Network Performance Monitor and each of the above capabilities is available online. Customers can monitor networks, ExpressRoute circuits, or URLs in any location using an NPM workspace located in UK South or in any of the other supported regions.

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