Notification Hubs recently enabled namespace-level tiers so customers can allocate resources tailored to each namespace’s expected traffic and usage patterns.

For customers less familiar with the namespace and resource concepts in Notification Hubs:

  • A hub is the smallest resource/entity in Azure Notification Hubs. It generally maps to one application (the application can be hybrid or native and cross-platform) and can hold one certificate for each Platform Notification System we support for the app.
  • A namespace is a collection of notification hubs. Each namespace usually consists of a few hubs, used respectively for development, test, and production purposes. While we do have larger production apps with tons of devices that span multiple hubs (namespace-leveled Platform Notification System credentials is a convenient feature we enabled a while back for this scenario), customers can and do sometimes choose to group smaller hubs for different apps in the same namespace to consolidate resources.

Each subscription used to have all of its namespaces and hubs tied to one tier (free, basic, or standard), and it really isn’t the most efficient way for our customers to handle resources. That’s why no we now have namespace-level tiers!

To get or update the tier of any Notification Hubs namespace, you can use the Azure Classic portal or our REST APIs as detailed below.

1. Azure Classic portal

To alter the tier of a namespace, simply go to the Azure Classic portal, select the Notification Hubs namespace you want to work with, choose any of its hubs, click on the Scale tab, and make the change. Once you confirm the tier update, it will affect all hubs within that namespace.

There is a known typo, however, that upon scaling, you will see the following query for confirmation:

The “subscription” is an incorrect typo and should be “current namespace,” and we are working to update that bit.

2. Resource Provider REST APIs

To see the current namespace tier, simply GET on the namespace plan:

GET:{subscription ID}/services/ServiceBus/Namespaces/{namespace name}/notificationhubplan

To update the namespace tier, use PUT with the desired tier:

PUT:{subscription ID}/services/ServiceBus/Namespaces/{namespace name}/notificationhubplan

Body:” xmlns=””>Standard

You can use “Free”, “Basic”, or “Standard” to select your desired tier.


Let us know if you have any feedback or questions!

For more information on Notification Hubs, visit the Azure Notification Hubs product page and check out our documentation.

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