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Migrate your Application Insights mobile app to HockeyApp today

As of today, it is now possible to migration your existing Application Insights mobile app to HockeyApp with a single click.

Early in March we announced we are focusing our efforts for mobile and desktop customer on HockeyApp. HockeyApp is a key component of our Mobile DevOps solution. You can now migrate your application from Application Insights to HockeyApp via a single click.

Transition to HockeyApp is now live

We are happy to announce that as of today you can transfer your application from Application Insights to HockeyApp with just a single click. Simply log into your app, and notice the transition status bar at the top of your app. This single button click will transfer your existing application over to HockeyApp. No need to change any SDKs, no need to change your experience (your Application Insights experience will not be impacted until June 15th when it reaches its sunset date).

Transfer to HockeyApp Status Bar

To best support our existing customers in this transition we are also happy to announce that applications that are moved from Application Insights to HockeyApp will be supported on HockeyApp for free. Apps that are moved during this time period via the transfer will not count against your HockeyApp subscription app limits.

How does it work?

The app will be transferred into a HockeyApp account tied directly to your same Azure account credentials (MSA or AAD). If you don’t have a HockeyApp account it will be created automatically for you. We will then automatically provision a new application and link it to your existing Application Insights app. This will enable data to flow to both experiences. In addition, your HockeyApp app will have access to historical data that has been sent to your Application Insights resource. We hope that this seamless experience will aid in the transition experience until the Application Insights sunset experience on June 15. For more details on the transition please refer to our knowledge base documentation.


We hope that this transition experience and the free app transfer will help to mitigate your transition costs. Our goal is to provide you the best mobile DevOps experience to distribute, test, monitor and manage you apps via HockeyApp. If you have any trouble during this transition process please feel free to contact us.