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Live 24/7 Reference Streams Available

In this post, you will learn about our reference linear streams, how they were set up, and how you can use them.


We have made available a set of continuous linear streams operating 24/7/365 through the Microsoft Azure Media Services Live service for testing, reference, and demo purposes. These streams are open for streaming in MPEG-DASH, HLS version 3, HLS version 4, and Smooth Streaming formats.

Stream Details

There are currently five channels streaming a set of three animated short films with varying archive windows. The channels all receive a single fragmented MP4 ingest stream, but can be pulled from the Streaming Endpoint in all the formats listed above through dynamic packaging. The first four are in East US, and is provisioned with Azure CDN caching. The fifth is in West EU without CDN.

Channel 1 has an archive window of 1 hour. Channel 2 has an archive window of 15 minutes. Channel 3 is Encrypted with AES (Open) and has an archive window of 30 minutes Channel 4 has PlayReady Encryption (Open) and has an archive window of 30 minutes Channel 5 has no encryption and an archive window of 1 hour.

More info about PlayReady DRM can be found at MingFei's blog post here. (Note that currently both streams are in the US East region. If you would like a reference stream set up for your region, please leave a comment or contact me directly.)  


Channel 1


Channel 2


Channel 3


Channel 4

 Channel 5

    For more information on DASH live streaming, please check out Kilroy Hughes' post at https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2014/09/13/dash-live-streaming-with-azure-media-service/. If you want to set up your own Live Stream, please take a look at Jason Suess's post at https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2014/09/10/getting-started-with-live-streaming-using-the-azure-management-portal/.

Links last updated 10/09/2018.