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Every developer can now build their career with Azure Vidyapeeth

The cloud is changing the way companies do business. There is, and will be, an increasing need for professionals with the expertise to transition companies to the cloud.

We all know that the technology industry is ever-changing, new technologies, innovation and products – some with shorter lifespans than others. Sometimes a technology, innovation or product comes along that completely changes the dynamics of the industry. These are paradigm shifts or technology inflection points. They completely change the way our industry operates, its players and equations. Many times it’s around these technology inflection points that products are built, and certainly careers are made (think: personal computing, client-server computing, networking, the Internet, virtualization, mobile, search, etc.).

The cloud is one such paradigm shift. It’s changing the way companies do business, reducing costs with more agile operations and ultimately allowing companies to focus on their business. It’s changing business cost models, making them accessible to larger audiences and enabling the usage of data to deliver business acumen at unprecedented levels. Companies transitioning to the cloud are becoming more successful, thus, more organizations are adapting cloud technologies.

Azure Vidyapeeth is a learning center for everything Azure from basics to niche topics and the latest updates. Participate in live, interactive webinars every month or reference relevant topics, it’s all archived and available on-demand. Azure Vidyapeeth has something new to offer to you, regardless of your current usage, job role or industry.

These transitions to the cloud, while beneficial, require professionals with the right skill set and knowledge to ensure all transitions smoothly. There is, and will be, an increasing need for professionals with the expertise to make this happen. Now is the time to build your skills on the cloud, and build your career on it, and this is an area where Azure Vidyapeeth can help.

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