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Event Hubs Auto-Inflate, take control of your scale

Azure Event Hubs new auto-inflate lets you automatically scale-up the number of Throughput Units (TUs) on an Event Hubs namespace to meet usage needs. This feature prevents throttling when data ingress rates exceed set Throughput Units or when data egress rates exceed set TUs.

Azure Event Hubs is a hyper-scalable telemetry ingestion service that can ingest millions of events per second. It gives a distributed streaming platform with low latency and configurable time retention, which enables you to ingress massive amounts of telemetry into cloud and read data from multiple applications using publish-subscribe semantics.

Event Hubs lets you scale with Throughput Units (TUs). TUs are variable reserved capacities and the component that you would purchase. A single TU entitles you to 1MB/second or 1000 events/second ingress and 2MB/second or 2000 events/second egress. This capacity has to be reserved/purchased when you create an Event Hubs namespace.

This reservation is good when you have a steady and predictable usage that is not bound to change. Many Event Hubs customers commonly increase their usage of Event Hubs after onboarding to the service. For greater data transfer, you had to increase your predetermined TUs manually. Well, not anymore!

Event Hubs is launching the new Auto-Inflate feature, which enables you to scale-up your TUs automatically to meet your usage needs. This simple opt-in feature gives you the control to prevent throttling when, data ingress rates exceed your pre-determined TUs and when your egress rates exceed your set TUs.

By enabling the Auto-Inflate on your namespace, you can limit the number of TUs you want to scale-up to on your namespace. This simple configuration lets you start small on your TUs and scales-up as you grow your data in Event Hubs. With no changes to your existing setup, this cost-effective value add feature gives you more control based on your usage needs.

This feature is now available in all Azure regions and you can enable on your existing Event Hubs. The article Enable auto-inflate on your namespace, describes the auto-inflate (or scale-up) feature in detail.

Next Steps?

Learn how you can enable this feature on your namespace – Enable auto-inflate on your namespace

Use ARM to enable the scale-up feature

Onboard to Azure Event Hubs

Start enjoying this feature, available today.

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