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Preview update: DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB

DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB preview update, including general public access and additional regional availability.

DocumentDB is a blazing fast, planet-scale, NoSQL database service for highly available, globally distributed apps. In late March, we announced the preview of DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB, which enables applications to easily and transparently communicate with DocumentDB using existing, community supported Apache MongoDB APIs and drivers. Through our support for the MongoDB wire protocol, developers can use existing MongoDB tool chains and skills to build applications that leverage DocumentDB, benefitting from DocumentDB's unique capabilities including auto-indexing, transactions, and globally distributed databases.

Today, we are pleased to announce we expanded our regional support so DocumentDB accounts with protocol support for MongoDB are available in all DocumentDB regions. Simply accept the preview terms, create your account and get going.

Next steps

Read more about DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB, and be sure to try it out for yourself by signing up for a free trial and creating an account.  If you need any help or have questions, please reach out to us through the developer forums on StackOverflow.

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