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Azure Media Services delivers Widevine encrypted stream by partnering with castLabs

We continue innovate and today we have added Widevine support through our partner Castlabs. Now you can deliver PlayReady encrypted stream through Azure Media Services and a Widevine encrypted stream!

What is the partnership about?

A few months ago, we announced the general availability of Azure Media Services Content Protection (AES and DRM) service, which enables you to secure your Video-on-demand or live stream content with AES or Microsoft PlayReady. We continue to strive to offer complete solutions and today we have added Widevine support through our partner castLabs. Now you could deliver video stream with common encryption through Azure Media Services (AMS) , where the PlayReady license comes from AMS and Widevine license comes from castLabs DRMtoday. This blog demonstrates the following solution we built together with castLabs.


How could I get started?

We supplied sample code in Github repository. This sample code project allows your to configure Content Key ID, Content Key, Token authentication on both castLabs and AMS. As a result, you could receive common encryption video stream into your player, with PlayReady or Widevine license. We have published very detailed walkthrough on MSDN. Our friends at castLabs have setup a very simple landing page for Azure Media Services customers:  https://castlabs.com/company/partners/azure/.


To get started with Azure Media Services, please go to Azure.com and you will receive $200 credit to play with the service. Here is a short video to get you started setting up PlayReady service with Azure Media Services. Please contact yanmf@microsoft if you want to get access to castLabs License server for Widevine delivery.