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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 11

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From May 16th to 31st, 31 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below.

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From May 16th to 31st, 31 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AionNode: Fully functional AionNode with running Kernel.

AISE TensorFlow CPU Production

AISE TensorFlow CPU Production: A fully integrated deep learning software stack with TensorFlow, an open-source software library for machine learning, and Python, a high-level programming language for general-purpose programming for running on CPU.

Azure AD Connect Server 2016

Azure AD Connect Server 2016: Add your Active Directory details and begin syncing to Azure Active Directory. Azure AD Connect will integrate your on-premises directories with Azure Active Directory. Provide a common identity for your users for Office 365, Azure, and SaaS applications.


cuberubuntu: cuberubuntu images.

F5 BIG-IQ Virtual Edition

F5 BIG-IQ Virtual Edition: F5 BIG-IQ provides a central point of control for F5 physical and virtual devices and for the solutions that run on them. It simplifies management, helps ensure compliance, and gives you the tools you need to deliver applications securely and effectively.

FileZilla Secure FTP Server Windows 2016

FileZilla Secure FTP Server Windows 2016: FileZilla Server is a full-featured FTP server with support for secure SSL/TLS connections, IP security, anti-FXP options, per-user speed limits, user groups, and MODE-Z compression. It provides users with a plain but easy-to-use interface.

GigaSECURE Cloud 5.3.01 - Hourly (100 pack)

GigaSECURE Cloud 5.3.01 – Hourly (100 pack): GigaSECURE Cloud delivers intelligent network traffic visibility for workloads running in Azure and enables increased security, operational efficiency, and scale across virtual networks. Optimize costs with up to 100 percent visibility.

hive - Azure Self Service Portal

hive – Azure Self Service Portal: hive has removed bottlenecks, eliminated human errors, and reduced the VM request time from one week to one hour. Our workflows include: Lists all Virtual Machines in Azure IaaS; Allows users to request new VMs without Azure Portal access; and more!

JEUS 8 Enterprise Edition

JEUS 8 Enterprise Edition: JEUS has been certified from J2EE 1.4 to Java EE 6 and Java EE 7. Based on 500 customers in 2003, it was a leading WAS solution in the Korean market. In 2016, we had more than 2,700 customers and were among the leaders in market share for five years.

JEUS 8 Standard Edition

JEUS 8 Standard Edition: JEUS is a web application server (WAS) for developing and operating applications. JEUS has been certified from J2EE 1.4 to Java EE 6 and Java EE 7. Based on 500 customers in 2003, it has become a leading WAS solution in the Korean market.

KONG Certified by Bitnami

Kong Certified by Bitnami: Kong is an open-source API gateway and microservice management layer. It is designed for high availability, fault-tolerance, and distributed systems. Bitnami certifies that our images are secure, up to date, and packaged using industry-best practices.


LiquidFiles: Secure messages: Send files of unlimited size securely to your customers, partners, or internally. File drops: Pre-defined URLs you can keep in your email signature, post on your web page, post in forums, or send in private messages. Plus file requests, sharing, and more!

Looker Analytics Platform

Looker Analytics Platform: Looker is a web-based business intelligence platform that brings people and data together, in context. Purpose-built for the next generation of analytic databases in the cloud, Looker puts actionable data in the hands of the people who need it most.

Midfin Systems Neon Cloud Gateway

Midfin Systems Neon Cloud Gateway: Neon is a hybrid cloud networking solution that allows you to seamlessly and securely extend your on-premises networks to public clouds. Unlike traditional VPN solutions, Neon stretches your on-premises networks to the Azure cloud.

Neural Designer

Neural Designer: Neural Designer is a software tool for advanced analytics. It is based on neural networks, which are considered the most powerful technique for data analysis. Neural Designer stands out in terms of performance. It is developed in C++ for better memory management.

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 10

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 10: Postgres Pro Enterprise is a high-performance PostgreSQL-based database. It includes features on top of PostgreSQL to make the database enterprise-ready, including data compression to minimize data footprint, allowing databases to run faster.

Postgres Pro Standard Database 10

Postgres Pro Standard Database 10: Postgres Pro is a PostgreSQL fork. Each new Postgres Pro version is an actual PostgreSQL version with some patches committed to PostgreSQL community and Postgres Professional extensions and patches, which are open source in most cases.

Pulse Connect Secure

Pulse Connect Secure: Enable secure access from any device to enterprise apps and services in the datacenter or cloud. This is the entry-level Pulse Connect Secure product with 200 concurrent user support.

Solar inCode

Solar inCode: Reveal source code vulnerabilities without the source code. Just deploy the inCode VM in your Azure infrastructure, email incode-presale@solarsecurity.ru to request your license, then put the license file license.xml in the folder /home/incode/files on the virtual machine.

Stratusphere UX

Stratusphere UX: Stratusphere UX provides complete Windows desktop monitoring, diagnostics, performance validation, and optimization. The solution supports all Windows-based delivery approaches, including virtual and mixed-platform (Microsoft RDS/RDMI) desktop environments.

totemomail email encryption gateway

totemomail email encryption gateway: totemomail offers easy and user-friendly encryption for your email and is the solution that covers every possible scenario: It encrypts emails with internal and external communication partners, enables the sending of large attachments, and more!

Web Safety Proxy

Web Safety Proxy: Web Safety is a web filtering proxy appliance for Microsoft Azure. It may be used to block potentially illegal or malicious file downloads, remove annoying advertisements, prevent access to various categories of the web sites, and block resources with explicit content.

Xpert BI

Xpert BI Xpert BI is a Microsoft SQL server-based tool that automates and improves all aspects of data warehousing and business intelligence and transformation processes, also known as ELT. Xpert BI extracts data from various sources and creates a central structured database.


Microsoft Azure Applications

AltitudeCDN OmniCache (eCDN)

AltitudeCDN OmniCache (eCDN): AltitudeCDN OmniCache is an intelligent enterprise video caching solution for live video and video on demand. This software-defined networking solution usually deploys on existing infrastructure and supports caching of all streaming protocols.

Backup Exec 20 - Standard

Backup Exec 20 – Standard: Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to Azure for your in-house virtual and physical environments and also protects cloud-based workloads in Azure. Veritas and Microsoft have been working together for more than 25 years.

Cisco vEdge Cloud Router Solution - 4 Nics

Cisco vEdge Cloud Router Solution (4 Nics): Cisco vEdge Cloud is a software router platform that supports an entire range of capabilities available on the physical vEdge router platforms. The vEdge Cloud router is a VM that can be deployed in hybrid cloud computing environments.


Conduit: Conduit provides businesses with a secure data transit solution that connects data systems and sources to any business intelligence visualization tools. Conduit unifies your data analytics initiatives, enables real-time data delivery, and operates in the cloud and on-premises.

OutSystems Trial

OutSystems Trial: Thousands of customers worldwide trust OutSystems, a low-code platform for rapid application development. Engineers with an attention to detail crafted the OutSystems platform to help organizations build enterprise-grade apps and transform their business faster.

Pivotal Greenplum - BYOL - by Pivotal Software Inc

Pivotal Greenplum (BYOL) by Pivotal Software Inc: Advanced analytics meets traditional business intelligence with Pivotal Greenplum, a fully featured, multi-cloud, massively parallel processing (MPP) data platform based on the open-source Greenplum Database.

Pivotal Greenplum - Hourly - by Pivotal Software Inc

Pivotal Greenplum (Hourly) by Pivotal Software Inc: Pivotal Greenplum provides comprehensive and integrated analytics on multi-structured data. Powered by advanced cost-based query optimizers, Pivotal Greenplum delivers analytical query performance on massive volumes of data.


STASHit: Centralized Windows event logging made easy. Need to log events like password resets or access to specific folders/files to comply to your internal or GDPR rules? No problem. Save your events in a dedicated, long-term Microsoft Azure Log Analytics workspace.