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Azure HDInsight launches ISV Partner Program at WPC

Today at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, we are announcing a new partner program for Hadoop independent software vendors (ISVs) to expand their offerings on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Today at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, we are announcing a new partner program for Hadoop independent software vendors (ISVs) to expand their offerings on the Microsoft Azure cloud. This will allow customers of Azure HDInsight to benefit from the ecosystem of big data ISVs who have created technologies that help make Hadoop more secure, have increased governance, make it easier to use, and give the ability to prepare your data for future analysis. These solutions make BI professionals, data stewards and engineers more productive working with Hadoop by incorporating an ISV application with HDInsight.

This program is designed to help Microsoft certified vendors achieve commercial success on Azure with solutions they’ve built for Hadoop. With the availability of HDInsight on the Linux platform, partners who have built their solutions on Linux can easily deliver their solution on Microsoft Azure.

To launch this program, we have incubated an initial list of partners who are now certified for Azure HDInsight:



AtScale is a BI on Hadoop software solution.  It allows business users to enjoy multi-dimensional and ad-hoc analysis capabilities on Hadoop data without any movement or client drivers, at OLAP speed and directly from standard BI tools like Microsoft Excel, Power BI and Tableau.  AtScale masks the complexity of Hadoop by exposing powerful virtual cube interface that users use to model, slice and dice data.  Enjoy fast interactive performance, with automatic aggregations, query optimization and security.

BlueTalon brings fine-grained access control and enterprise-grade data security to Microsoft Azure HDInsight. Using BlueTalon with HDInsight for data entitlement, organizations can adopt Hadoop in the cloud with the piece-of-mind that their data will be secure and that user access to sensitive data will be enforced at a granular level.  BlueTalon’s advanced features such as data masking also enable full regulatory compliance around PII and industry regulation including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FINRA, and more.

Concurrent provides a leading data application infrastructure that help organizations create, deploy, run and manage data applications at scale. Concurrent’s flagship solution is Driven that is designed to accelerate the development and management of enterprise data applications.

Dataguise is a leading provider of data privacy protection and compliance intelligence for sensitive data assets stored in both Hadoop and traditional repositories. It allows organizations to maintain a 360 degree view of their sensitive data, evaluate their compliance exposure risks, and enforce the most appropriate remediation policies, whether the data is stored on premises or in the cloud. Now integrated with Microsoft Azure’s HDInsight Hadoop distribution, Dataguise DgSecure™ helps organizations safely unlock the benefits of big data with a precise security solution for detecting, auditing, protecting, and monitoring sensitive data assets in real time. DgSecure makes data security for HDInsight painless by delivering a one-stop, out-of-the-box solution with the highest levels of protection.

Datameer empowers business users to easily extract insights from big data. With seamless integration into the Microsoft ecosystem and self-service big data integration, preparation, analytics and visualization, Datameer democratizes big data. Native on Hadoop, Datameer comes with extensive data connectors and rich preparation and analytics functionality. With comprehensive features that are open-architected and forward-compatible, Datameer ensures you don’t have to choose between self-service big data analytics and a robust, enterprise-ready big data architecture.

DataTorrent provides a leading real-time big data analytics solution that uses a high performing, fault tolerant unified architecture for batch and stream processing. The joint solution from DataTorrent and Microsoft Azure HDInsight allows organizations to do real-time analytics with a proven platform that reduces time to market, development costs, and operational expenditures. DataTorrent RTS Community Edition can be run in an unlimited number of HDInsight nodes for an unlimited time period at no cost.

Trifacta is a leading data wrangling solution for big data allowing you to easily transform and enrich raw, complex data into clean and structured formats for the purpose of exploratory analytics. The promise of Big Data is that it provides a data lake where organizations are able to land data of all shapes and sizes. However, the process of moving raw data and making it usable for analysis is incredibly difficult and inefficient. The joint solution from Trifacta and Microsoft Azure HDInsight enables business and IT departments to partner in driving their organization’s efforts transforming, cleaning and enriching data for Hadoop to process it in the cloud.

Waterline Data provides a data catalog solution that enables both a governed data lake as well as provides an automated data catalog as a shared service across multiple data prep, data discovery, and exploratory analytics tools. As a result, Waterline Data gives agility and speed to the business to find the best suited data quickly without manual exploration and coding – staying above the waterline of the data lake, while enabling IT to provide a data layer that is governed and can stay ahead of the need for self-service access to data.

Zoomdata provides fast visual analytics for big data. Built from scratch for speed, Zoomdata is a modern, cloud-scale application. It is easy to use for business analysts who are not BI or data science experts and can be embedded seamlessly in other applications. Zoomdata uses a patented micro-query architecture delivering results on billions of records in seconds and gives users a single plane of access for bridging old data and new data.

HDInsight customers can directly contact these partners today. Additionally, we are working on a showcase section in the Azure Marketplace for HDInsight. Finally, for partners that want to join this program please email bigdatapartners@microsoft.com.