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August update for Web Apps and App Service environments in the Azure Preview Portal

August update for Web apps and App service environments in the Azure preview portal include categorization in the settings and tools menu, improved browse for App Service plans and new UI features for App Service Environments.

Web Apps Tools and Settings menu improvements

We continue to make improvements to the Tools and Settings menus based on user feedback. Last month we added categorization making finding the tools and settings you are looking for easier.

Web Apps_Tools_Categorization


Web Apps_Settings_Categorization


In addition to categorization, we also added the following items to Settings:

Continuous Deployments

Previously the only entry point for this feature was through the pinned part in the resource blade (1), now the same functionality surfaced in the Settings menu under the Publishing category (2).

Web Apps_Continuous Deployments


Mobile Settings

You can now add Mobile capabilities such as Push notifications and Offline sync to any of your existing Web Apps. Matthew Henderson goes into a lot more detail in his blog post, Azure Mobile Apps August 2015 update.

Web Apps_Mobile Setting


Kudu now accessible in the Tools menu

Project Kudu is the companion app that lives alongside every App Service app. Kudu provides backend functionality for features like Web Jobs, Continuous Integrations and Site Extensions. It also has a collection of environment information and extensibility points that are valuable at development/debug time and has been a “hidden gem” for those that knew about it.

With this release, Kudu is a lot more discoverable. You can find it under the Develop section of the Tools menu.

Web Apps_Develop_Kudo


New Networking configuration experience

The new Networking tile provides an easier and more integrated experience for setting up advanced network connectivity for your apps, as well as surfacing relevant connection information once connections have been established.

Web Apps_Networking Experience


Browse App Service plans

App Service Plan browse experience now includes the number of apps deployed to each app service plan.

Web Apps_Browse App Service plans


Improved Delete experience for App Service Environments

App Service Environments have an improved delete experience. Now you can Delete an App Service Environment and it will cascade delete any resources it contained. The new experience includes a list of all the resources that will be affected as a result of this operation.

Web Apps_Delete


File System Storage information for App Service Environment

In this release we have added the File System Storage information to the App Service Environment resource blade. With this new UI you will be able to monitor the total file system used by all apps deployed to your App Service Environment.

Web Apps_System Storage Info