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dicembre 2014

11 dic

General availability: high-performance VPN gateway


The high-performance VPN gateway provides higher bandwidth and more connections than the current virtual network VPN gateway.

  • Rete virtuale
11 dic

Azure ExpressRoute available in Brazil South

Azure ExpressRoute is available in the Brazil South region.

  • ExpressRoute di Azure
11 dic

Data and price changes in 10 Gbps ExpressRoute Exchange Provider

We’ve changed the amount of egress data included in the 10 Gbps ExpressRoute Exchange Provider and reduced the price of 10 Gbps connections.

  • ExpressRoute di Azure
11 dic

General availability for Azure RemoteApp


Azure RemoteApp delivers Windows applications from Azure, and it helps IT pros bring scale, agility, and global access to their business applications.

11 dic

General availability: Live Channels for Azure Media Services


Live Channels for Azure Media Services is available and fully supported by the Azure SLA.

  • Servizi multimediali
11 dic

Public preview: Azure SQL Database update


This preview marks the first step in delivering the next generation of the SQL Database service that will bring customers more compatibility, flexibility, and performance.

  • Database SQL di Azure

novembre 2014

12 nov

Microsoft Azure Agreement consolidated with Microsoft Online Services Agreement

Now there is a consistent contract for customers who purchase subscriptions to Microsoft Online Services, such as Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics Online, or Windows Intune.

12 nov

Public Preview: Azure Operational Insights


Operational Insights is an Azure-based service that is tailored for IT operations teams. It leverages the power of Azure HDInsight to glean machine data across environments, and turns the data into real-time operational intelligence to enable better-informed business decisions.

  • HDInsight

ottobre 2014

2 ott

Protect and recover your production workloads in Azure


With Azure Site Recovery, you can protect and recover your production workloads while saving on capital and operational expenditures.

  • Automazione
  • Azure Site Recovery
2 ott

Updates to Service Bus pricing

In July 2014, we announced changes to Service Bus Queues and Topics, with messaging now offered in Basic and Standard tiers. These new tiers provide price flexibility that better accommodate different use cases. Updated pricing for these changes will be effective starting November 1, 2014, and not October 1, 2014, as previously communicated.

  • Bus di servizio

settembre 2014

25 set

Azure pricing updates

We are lowering public list prices for many higher-level Azure services by 27 percent or more. For specifics, see the table. We’re also adjusting rates for our commitment plans—and introducing a new six-month offer.

10 set

General Availability: Azure SQL Database Basic, Standard, and Premium service tiers

Three new Azure SQL Database service tiers—Basic, Standard, and Premium—are generally available. The tiers target seven performance levels, so they're flexible enough for light to heavyweight workloads.

  • Database SQL di Azure

agosto 2014

21 ago

Azure commercially available in 51 additional countries

Azure is now commercially available in 51 additional countries.

1 ago

Azure SQL Database introduces geo-restore, standard geo-replication, and auditing


New preview service pricing tiers get feature updates: geo-restore, standard geo-replication, and auditing.

  • Database SQL di Azure
1 ago

Updated Notification Hubs pricing

Changes to Basic and Standard tiers mean most customers will see a decrease in pricing (effective September 1, 2014).

luglio 2014

15 lug

Recommended Pricing Tier


The recommended pricing tier is the simplest way to select an offering.

  • Servizio app
  • Portale di Microsoft Azure
  • Servizio cache gestita
  • Account di archiviazione
  • Macchine virtuali
14 lug

Preview: New sizes and regions for Azure Redis Cache


More options for the secure, dedicated Redis Cache, managed by Microsoft.

  • cache di Azure per Redis
14 lug

Pricing changes for Service Bus Queues and Topics

Service Bus Basic and Standard tiers provide price flexibility that better accommodate different use cases.

  • Bus di servizio
14 lug

Azure Block Blob Storage pricing changed to 4 decimals

4 decimals gives you more accurate pricing for Azure Block Blob Storage.

  • Account di archiviazione

giugno 2014

19 giu

Scheduler Premium tier and updates to Standard tier

The new Scheduler Premium tier and updates to the Standard tier give you access to more units and job collections.

  • Utilità di pianificazione

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