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With multiple Gold and Silver Microsoft competencies (including Data Analytics, Cloud Productivity, Cloud Platform and Identity and Access), we provide comprehensive Azure solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our key services include:
• Introducing flexible cloud services that can be instantly scaled up or down depending on requirements
• Implementing hybrid cloud to consolidate storage infrastructure, improve compliance and enhance IT agility
• Tailoring Azure services to match the technologies you use
• Setting up data protection tools to enable remote access and prevent data theft
• Utilizing Advanced Analytics and AI technologies to help drive business decisions based on data
• Preparing disaster recovery plans to ensure reliable recovery without disruption
• Providing comprehensive training to guide your employees through the implementation and adoption processes.

We have recently used Azure to the benefit of our client by creating a supply chain management solution using Azure Data Lake Store and Data Lake Analytics technologies. We filled the storage with data from sources such as customer reports, weather forecasts and GPS positions of trucks and ships to create a real-time tracking and monitoring solution and delay management system. Both the client and their customers can now generate a real-time world map showing the positions of their cargo. The shipment management process, including addressing delays, became fully automatic, with data-based decision making.

We've helped one of the largest manufacturers in Denmark enter the age of digital transformation. In addition to the product, the client wanted to offer digital services in a subscription model to their customers. We have utilized Dynamics 365, Power BI and a number of Azure services to create a machine learning solution. It collects and analyzes data to allow monitoring, predicting and correcting device configuration. Ongoing development will lead to implementation of additional features, including predictive maintenance.

You can find out more about our Azure services from our website, or by contacting us directly.


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