Inframon, an Ensono Company

Inframon, an Ensono Company

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As a Microsoft FY16 Finalist for Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Platform Partner & FY17 Winner of Cloud Productivity, Inframon will take you on a journey from strategy through design, moving you to the new platform and operating model to realise the full benefits of Azure.
Our experience in analysis, planning, design and migration for Microsoft Azure is unmatched. We have delivered some of the largest customer Microsoft Azure migrations, VMware to Hyper-V migrations, System Center implementations and datacentre modernisation projects in the world.

Inframon will run workshops with you to migrate to the Microsoft Azure Platform. These are targeted at both technology experts and senior management outlining cost savings, showcasing further business and application agility with Azure and demonstrating a more secure platform. The engagement has four key phases and will provide:

Envision – A series of workshops that explores the various technologies underpinning the cloud
Cloud Assessment – An assessment of your readiness for Azure & total cost of ownership once you are in Azure
Cloud Architecture Blue Print – Building a blueprint for your cloud infrastructure
Transformation Planning – A high level programme of work for transforming to the cloud.
Rapid Migration - Migrate your workloads into the cloud with minimal downtime and risk.

When moving into the cloud you must still tackle operational management of the assets including monitoring, patching, backup and cost control.
To maintain a consistent environment and to control ongoing support and maintenance you need to implement self-service systems that approve, deploy and maintain a consistent service.
Inframon provides a managed service, underpinned by our own solution, Hyper Cloud Platform - - plus leading cloud security & networking solutions - that removes the need for you to worry about managing your cloud resources, covering:

Cloud Break Fix
1st Line Workload Break Fix

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs & plans, and learn about our Azure Fixed Price Migration Offer


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