Enabling Technologies Corp

Enabling Technologies Corp

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You are never alone when you choose Enabling Technologies to be your Communications and Collaboration services provider!

Some clients prefer to have their own people learn to support their Communications and Collaboration systems. Enabling Technologies provides the training they need to keep everything up and running, plus the available backup support they may require for more sophisticated issues. Enabling Technologies monitoring service can provide immediate alerts to your support people or ours to take quick action to restore full function. Whoever gets the alerts, Enabling always keeps clients fully informed on the progress of any support issue.

Many third-party Communications and Collaboration vendors of gateways, endpoints, and so on are not covered by Microsoft support. This leaves you with only half a support solution. Enabling Technologies covers you end-to-end.

Enabling Technologies is your best solution for comprehensive and complete communications support. Our programs include:

• End-to-end Operation of Your On-Premise, Hosted, or Cloud-Based Communications and Collaboration Systems
• Structured Change Management Processes
• Committed Problem Response & Resolve Times that are totally responsive to your requirements and budget
• Coverage programs priced to suit normal working day or full-time 24/7/365 environments
• Complete or Complementary Support customized to your desired involvement of your own support personnel
• Our Resources are Your Resources – full knowledge transfer, formal training, and ongoing support of your staff with full access to our extensive resource network.

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