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Agile BI

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Agile BI delivers Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions and services using the Microsoft Azure Cortana Intelligence suite. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics and have a track record of delivering solutions in the Cloud, on premise using SQL Server and in Hybrid scenarios. Agile BI operates in Australia with headquarters in Sydney, in which it hosts the official Power BI User group.

Below are some samples of our solutions / services by industry:

Inventory optimisation for Retails and Consumer Goods:
- Get a better understanding of inventory demand patterns, supply networks, and customer service requirements. Obtain a real-time view to assess inventory levels, predict product fulfilment needs, and identify potential backlog issues.

Operational Analytics for Healthcare / Public Sector:
- Transform your data into insights that enhance patient outcomes and identify health trends and risks. Plus, analyse internal processes to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Asset Management analytics for Manufacturing
- Avoid sabotaging production goals by more accurately predicting events that could cause outages or degrade performance. This helps reduce downtime while optimising maintenance cycles and data visibility.


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