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Azure Immersion Workshop: Data Modernization

Bei diesem Workshop können Sie sich über den Nutzen und den Prozess der Migration von Apps und Datenbanken zu Azure informieren. Bei einem Vortrag am Vormittag und einem praxisorientierten Teil am Nachmittag erfahren Sie, wie Sie eine SQL-Datenbank, SQL Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) und andere Azure-Datenmodernisierungsdienste und -techniken nutzen.

Azure webinar series: Manage Kubernetes and Data Services Anywhere with Azure Arc

Join this webinar to learn about the latest Azure Arc capabilities that will help you manage all your Kubernetes clusters and data services wherever they are, including consistent GitOps configurations for your clusters and a new connected mode for your data services. You’ll learn about deploying consistent apps through GitOps configurations, managing and governing all your clusters wherever they are, and the benefits of the new directly connected mode for data services.

Azure webinar series: Modernize Your Apps with Azure SQL Managed Instance

Migrating to the cloud and struggling with what to do with that “long tail” of legacy applications? Get the most out of them by modernizing with Azure SQL Managed Instance. Combining the best of on-premises SQL Server with all the benefits of a fully managed database service, SQL Managed Instance is the destination for SQL Server modernization at scale and has evolved to meet an even broader array of workload requirements that touch on performance, manageability, compatibility, and data mobility.

Azure webinar series: Develop Cutting-Edge Solutions with Azure Logic Apps

Companies are looking for ways to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, offering better customer engagement while reducing costs. By helping developers quickly build and deploy business-critical workflows, Azure Logic Apps is an essential tool for key enterprise scenarios. Logic Apps is now built on a containerized runtime to increase scale and portability, helping developers automate workflows anywhere.

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