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Want to learn more about Cloud Foundry on Azure?

Data di pubblicazione: 7 maggio, 2015

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure
Last week during /build, we announced support for Open Source Cloud Foundry among a slew of solutions which run great on Azure. We are excited that Cloud Foundry was part of this announcement, as we’ve heard from customers who would like to use Azure for running or extending their Cloud Foundry deployments. For those who may not know, Cloud Foundry is an open source PaaS platform that is cloud agnostic and supports running applications in multiple languages including Java, Ruby, Python etc. For the last few months, the Azure team has been working on providing the Azure Cloud Provider Interface(CPI) for Cloud Foundry, which can enable BOSH to provision resources in Azure for deploying Cloud Foundry. We are very excited that we have several sessions at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 to talk about the Azure experience. If you are attending the summit, be sure to join the following sessions to learn more :
  • Managing Cloud Foundry on Azure with hybrid integration options
  • Cloud Foundry on Azure
  Please stay tuned for details on accessing the preview binaries and I look forward to seeing and talking with you on the ground at Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 next week!