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Virtual Machines

Accelerate graphics-heavy workloads using NVads A10 v5 Azure

martedì 22 marzo 2022

Continuing with our promise to offer innovative solutions for our customers, we are very excited to announce that our latest NVads A10 v5 series is now available for preview. Azure was the first and the only public cloud provider to offer unprecedented GPU resourcing flexibility with GPU-partitioning and we are happy to now bring the same technology on NVIDIA A10 GPUs.

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Azure confidential computing with NVIDIA GPUs for trustworthy AI

martedì 22 marzo 2022

Confidential computing technology encrypts data in memory and only processes it once the cloud environment is verified, helping protect data from cloud operators, malicious admins, and privileged software. Today, we are excited to announce the next chapter in a strategic partnership between NVIDIA and Microsoft that brings confidential computing to state-of-the-art NVIDIA GPUs.

Chief Technology Officer and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure

The anatomy of a datacenter—how Microsoft's datacenter hardware powers the Microsoft Cloud

mercoledì 9 marzo 2022

Leading hardware engineering at “the” software company is not as strange as it sounds, as the Microsoft Cloud depends on hardware as the foundation of trust, reliability, capacity, and performance, to make it possible for Microsoft and our customers to achieve more.

Corporate Vice President, Azure Hardware Systems and Infrastructure

Join Azure at the Design Automation Conference (DAC)

martedì 16 novembre 2021

The Azure High-Performance Computing (HPC) solution enables experts in silicon design by providing them the infrastructure and tools for chip design, IP design, silicon manufacturing, and silicon supply chain. As our customers face additional unique threats and challenges made worse by the pandemic, the Azure cloud can solve many of these by providing a secure, scalable platform that was built for HPC.

Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing, HPC+AI