Azure SQL Data Warehouse

December 2016 Leaderboard of Database Systems contributors on MSDN

lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Many congratulations to the top-10 contributors featured on our December leaderboard! Olaf Helper and Alberto Morillo top the Overall and Cloud database this month. 6 of this month’s Overall Top-10 (including all of the top-3) featured in last month’s Overall Top-10 as well, and 4 others are new entrants.

Program Manager, Azure SQL Database

Enhanced loading, monitoring, and troubleshooting experience for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

lunedì 19 dicembre 2016

We are excited to share that Azure SQL Data Warehouse has introduced updates to the Azure portal and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to provide a seamless experience when loading, monitoring, and developing your SQL Data Warehouse. The updates include integrated support for loading from 20+ data stores on premise and in the cloud, a simple process to troubleshoot common issues, and highly requested functionality within SSMS.

Program Manager, Azure Data

New resource blade for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

giovedì 6 ottobre 2016

We’re happy to introduce a new top level resource blade for Azure SQL Data Warehouse that allows you to quickly manage all of your databases. You can use the SQL Data Warehouse resource blade to quickly scan through your data warehouse for details like the name, status, server, pricing tier, location, and subscription.

Principal Program Manager, Azure SQL Data Warehouse