Windows Virtual Desktop Experience Estimator

Your tool to estimate the quality of the experience your users will receive when connecting to Windows Virtual Desktop

Estimate the connection round trip time (RTT) from your current location, through the Windows Virtual Desktop service, to each Azure region in which you are able to deploy virtual machines.

The Azure region highlighted is the one with the lowest connection RTT from your current location. The times displayed are estimates intended to help assess end user experience quality for your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment. The actual experience will vary depending on network conditions, end user device, and the configuration of the deployed virtual machines.

Azure Region* Round Trip Time (ms)

*If you don’t find the Azure region you are looking for in the above table, please leave feedback on our UserVoice page.

Try reloading this page after changing your domain name service (DNS) server in your device's network settings to find the DNS server that provides the lowest RTT. Use the DNS server with Windows Virtual Desktop that provides the lowest RTT to the region in which you deploy your virtual machines.

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